Everyone can contribute to the energy transition

iChoosr engages people to purchase sustainable energy products. Our services and seamless digital solutions bring together consumers and suppliers. We accelerate the energy transition together!

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Collective Energy Switching

Help your residents save and take control of their energy costs in your area with Big Community Switch.

Group-buying for Solar

Help your residents reduce their carbon emissions in your area with Solar Together.

When you work with iChoosr we promise

  • A better price - together we are stronger. The combined purchasing power of thousands of households helps your residents a competitive rate.
  • Hassle-free - registration is easy, free and without obligation.
  • High-quality - iChoosr places high demands on suppliers: their service and their products.
  • Tailored support - iChoosr provides marketing support including a bespoke registration portal.

How does it work?

  • 1. Registrants can sign up for free and without obligation.

  • 2. iChoosr organises an auction among pre-vetted suppliers.

  • 3. Registrants will receive a personal offer from the winning supplier.

  • 4. Registrants will get the opportunity to decide whether to accept the offer or not.

  • 5. If accepted, iChoosr is on hand to help throughout the entire process.

Our International Achievements


iChoosr has organised more than 265 auctions.


Over 7.4 million households have joined our schemes so far.

£ 500000000

In total our switchers have saved more than £500 million.

2022-2023 UK Annual Report

Take a look at our most recent UK annual report

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