Collective Energy Switching

Energy switching is not a new concept; however, we see that 50% of people have not switched in the last three years. This means their supplier defaults them onto a ‘Standard Variable Tariff’, which typically is the most expensive on offer. We would regularly recommend switching energy suppliers to ensure people do not unnecessarily overpay. Collective energy switching uses the bargaining power of a large group of to get them a competitive offer.

Do you want to help your residents save on their energy costs?

iChoosr, independent experts in group-buying, work together with local authorities to promote our Collective Energy Switching Schemes.

Big Community Switch

Since 2012 we have partnered with over 160 councils to carry out three collective energy switching schemes a year, averaging 60,000 registrants per scheme. Our two UK brands are Big Community Switch, which is run across the country and Big London Energy Switch, which is run by boroughs across the capital.


Our Promises

  • Participants are able to take control of their energy costs.
  • Being part of a wider community will help participants to save money on their energy costs
  • We provide a free and no obligation platform to easily switch to a renewable electricity tariff

Our Results

£ 257

Our average saving made by switchers on a Standard Variable Tariff is £257.


Over 1,800,000 households have joined our schemes so far.

£ 44500000

We have helped switchers save £44.5 million to date.

Interested in running your own scheme?

If you are interested in running your own collective energy switching scheme get in touch with us today!