Group-buying for Solar

Increasing pressure around climate change, stronger interest in grid-independence, growth in electric vehicle uptake and innovation in the technologies available, are all contributing to changes in the way people look at the opportunity available through solar panels. However, consumers find it hard to find trusted, objective information online. Buying solar panels doesn’t have to be difficult. Our group-buying scheme makes solar panels and batteries more accessible and more affordable.

Do you want to help your residents reduce their carbon emissions?

iChoosr, independent experts in group-buying, work together with local authorities to promote Solar Together.

Solar Together

Solar Together is a straightforward way for the councils we work with to make a significant impact on carbon reduction targets through private resident investment in renewable energy generation. Solar Together group-buying schemes make it easy for UK homeowners to install solar panels and storage for a competitive price with a trustworthy, pre-vetted installer.

Our Promises

  • High-quality complete solar systems
  • Extended guarantees and warranties
  • Clear and impartial information

Our Results


We have helped install over 43,000 solar panels in the UK.


We have helped avoid 90,000 tonnes of carbon.

£ 13700000

We have helped private investment of £13.7 million in solar PV.

Interested in running your own scheme?

If you are interested in running your own group-buying for solar scheme get in touch with us today!